ACHIEVE - Youth Triathlon Summer Camp

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Corporate Donors

In 2010 Kaiser Permanente partnered with ACHIEVE DC to provide sponsorship for enhanced programming at all the camps. ACHIEVE DC provides Kaiser Permanente with a sustainable local non-profit organization where employee volunteerism and community interaction is established and makes a difference in lending hands. This opportunity allows Kaiser Permanente to embrace the community through charitable giving and volunteer opportunities. Kaiser Permanente employees will be volunteering at the kids race on July 30, 2010. ACHIEVE DC recognizes that Kaiser Permanente is dedicated to the total health of everyone, which starts in healthy neighborhoods. Given that ACHIEVE Kids Tri is located in many underserved areas around the country; this partnership was an excellent tie-in with the corporate values of Kaiser Permanente.

Please contact us if you are interested if your corporation is interested in sponsoring and/or volunteering with ACHIEVE Kids Tri.

Why Donate?

Through the sport of triathlon, ACHIEVE aims to give kids who would not otherwise have the opportunity, equipment or resources, the experience of the fastest-growing Olympic sport.

ACHIEVE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  All donations made to the ACHIEVE program are tax deductible.