ACHIEVE - Youth Triathlon Summer Camp

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Marty Janis

Atlantic Services Group

Marty Janis is a local businessman and founder of Atlantic Services Group, a business that provides parking, valet and transportation. He saw an opportunity to give to ACHIEVE through financial donation and in-kind donation of his Atlantic Service Group vehicles to transport ACHIEVE DC athletes to the kids race. Marty’s support is vital since transportation for the athletes is crucial for all the camps to come together in one location and compete.

When asked how he became involved in ACHIEVE DC, Marty said,
“I originally became involved with ACHIEVE when my good friend Chuck Brodsky asked if I would volunteer. Once I was out there seeing these kids accomplishing something that they never thought possible, I was hooked. Watching their determination, pain followed by joy, I realized that these young boys and girls gained a new level of confidence and an understanding that they can accomplish anything given the opportunity. This is a lesson that I am certain will carry them to greater places as they grow into young adulthood. Personally I became involved in Triathlon in 2002 and have competed in over 25 events. After completing the Ironman in 2006, I decided to add the Marathon my list of accomplishments each year. I applaud ACHIEVE for creating an environment and opportunity for these kids to reach for new heights. Thanks for what you do to make a difference.”

Please contact us if you are interested in value-in-kind donations to ACHIEVE Kids Tri.

Why Donate?

Through the sport of triathlon, ACHIEVE aims to give kids who would not otherwise have the opportunity, equipment or resources, the experience of the fastest-growing Olympic sport.

ACHIEVE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  All donations made to the ACHIEVE program are tax deductible.