ACHIEVE - Youth Triathlon Summer Camp

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ACHIEVE Houston, TX (Established 2008)


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Houston was founded by dentist and triathlete Charles Moser in 2008 after he learned about ACHIEVE DC in a USA Triathlon Magazine.  Charles dedication and hard work launched the first ACHIEVE camp outside of Washington DC.  The success of ACHIEVE Houston has demonstrated that ACHIEVE has a sustainable model which can be replicated in cities all over the nation.  Working in partnership with the Weekley Family YMCA, athletes are trained by experienced coaches in a USA Triathlon certified program.   

Following the ACHIEVE model of bringing the sport of triathlon to inner city youth, ACHIEVE Houston provides all equipment free of charge.  ACHIEVE Houston is successful thanks to the support of local sponsors who have provided both equipment and staff volunteers at the ACHIEVE Houston Kids Triathlon every year since 2008.

Camp Dates
Jun 24 - Aug 02, 2013
Race Date
Aug 03, 2013
Weekley Family YMCA
Race Location
Weekley Family YMCA
7101 Stella Link Blvd.
Houston, TX 77025
Map it
Phone (630) 292-4793
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ACHIEVE Houston is partnering with the YMCA of Greater Houston!  This is a great step as ACHIEVE continues to build and enhance the sustainable model of this program.  The experience of ACHIEVE in Houston has proven vital for ensuring that the same success continues in all future ACHIEVE cities.

Charles Moser

Founder, ACHIEVE Houston, TX
In 2007 Charles Moser read about ACHIEVE in a USA Triathlon magazine and was so impressed with the concept that he picked up the phone and called founder Charles Brodsky to see if it would be possible to replicate the triathlon camps in his hometown of Houston.  And, long story short, from one sudden idea ACHIEVE Houston was born!   Thanks to the leadership and initiative of Charles, ACHIEVE Houston has had two very successful camp seasons and will be returning for a fourth season with two ACHIEVE Houston Camps in 2011.  The success of Houston demonstrates that the ACHIEVE model is both effective and sustainable.

Welcome ACHIEVE Head Coach Juan Jaramillo! Juan recently joined ACHIEVE Houston and is a USAT Level 1 certified triathlon coach.  Here is his biography:


Swimming? I think it’s hard to breath and I feel like I’m sinking all the time!

Biking? Oh no, that’s not for me! I cannot stand to be on a bike for more than 10 minutes!

Running? I get tired easily, so no way!

Well, the reality is different. Back in 1999, I started running on a treadmill while working overseas because it was my only option for exercise. However, being indoors is not fun when you work all day long in any office. I thought I’d better do something to get out of the house and try to enjoy the outdoors. So, I decided to try running at least 3 miles (5 Km) once or twice a week.

By the end of 2000, I was running 3 miles without any effort at all. In 2004, when I stopped traveling for work, I started running more often and sometimes I tried to swim for 10 to 15 minutes. Then I decided to join a Boot Camp Program.  This was a big deal for me and I was a little apprehensive about it. The first week I was feeling dizzy and it was hard to keep up with the Boot Camp Program. I met several runners at Boot Camp that invited me to run several 5K races, which I did. Since then I was convinced that one 5K race can do a lot to improve personal performance in any sport. What one needs is persistency and training help.

I became Boot Camp assistant in 2005 and since 2007 I have been a Boot Camp Instructor. Three years ago I went with a couple of friends to run a sprint triathlon in Galveston, TX.  I liked it so much that I bought a bike and decided to do ONLY sprint triathlons since biking was hard for me. Eventually I was “totally intoxicated by the triathlon world” as stated by one of my friends. I have completed several sprints, more than five Olympic Triathlons, and two IRONMAN 70.3s.  Also, as a USAT Certified Coach, I have been training athletes for Sprint, Olympic and IRONMAN 70.3 and racing with them as well.