ACHIEVE - Youth Triathlon Summer Camp

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DC Triathlon

Q.What mental preparations did you make before this race?

A.I think the main mental prep before the race is a bit of imagery. Recognizing what it is going to be like and focusing on my race tactics. I noticed when doing this that when I thought about just racing the US women for a spot on the team I felt a shortage of confidence but when I thought about racing for the win I felt completely at ease. So that was it, race for the win, fall short of that but gain the Olympic Birth, a very successful day!

Eating is such a fun part of life. All kinds of foods bring us pleasure and can fit somewhere in a healthy life. Kids need a variety of healthy foods and extra vitamins and minerals to grow fit and strong. Nutrient-rich foods, including vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes, low fat milk, eggs, and lean proteins give kids energy, support a healthy immune system, and help them grow into healthy adults. When kids get hungry, it's important to help them make healthy choices for meals and snacks. Put color on the plate. Save desserts and candy for small, once-in-awhile treats. Take your kids grocery shopping and let them help you choose healthy foods. Let them cook with you. Since the body is mostly water, it should be the beverage of choice. Low fat milk and 100% juice are good choices as well. These beverages have some good nutrition. Sodas, sweetened beverages, and energy drinks are the main sources of empty calories and could lead to unhealthy weight gain in kids if too much is consumed.

Rebecca Scritchfield is a registered dietitian specializing in sports nutrition and healthy weight management. She has a Washington, DC based private practice. Visit her at and on Twitter @ScritchfieldRD

If you're having trouble getting motivated to start exercising, think about some of the benefits:

  • Increases energy! Sure, it sounds backwards, but using energy really helps you keep it. Working your body’s fuel system keeps it active. How can this possibly work? When you exercise, oxygen is brought in and used as fuel to burn the calories taken in from food. Burning calories produces energy, and that’ll make you want to swim a few more laps.
  • Boosts the immune system! Exercise increases disease-fighting white blood cells, keeping you healthy and bug-free.
  • Controls weight! And that’s the reason most people exercise in the first place. It’s the best way to keep weight off.
  • The list goes on and on, but we know you’ve got better things to do, like going for a jog!
  • Remember, always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.